MTC, Buenos Aires, Argentina


My mission plaque scripture is Alma 26:12

Tell Dad I got his letter today! It took about 10 days!  Sorry my last email was so short! This 30 minutes is not enough!

So I really love it here! It’s so much fun! Sometimes it can be hard, especially waking up at 6:30 or having to practice teaching in Spanish but it’s just so much fun that it all makes up for it!

The classes here are alright… sometimes I get onery because we have to teach all the time but I’m getting better at teaching and at Spanish so it’s all good. We have practice investigators and sometimes we will do really well but sometimes we totally bomb it too. We are learning what works and what doesn’t. The Spanish is coming along muy bien! I would write some Spanish but it takes too long for me to think it up ha-ha.


Hermana Toone & Hermana Fullmer

We just had our first batch of Latinos leave us! They only stay for two weeks because they already know Spanish. They were so awesome though. It was fun to try to have conversations with them when we barely spoke each other’s languages. Some of them kind of fell in love with us though so that was a little sketchy! We got love notes and chocolates from one elder! One of them would always call me “Hermana Toones” or “Victoria secret” it was funny.

So hey, can you send me some more info about John Toone? We had a devotional and found out that me and my companion were the only ones with families that had been in the church since it was restored! President Openshaw said his ancestors were in the Martin Handcart Co. as well. So look out for that name!

Pretty temple

The Buenos Aires Argentina Temple was the first temple built in Argentina and the fourth in South America, following the São Paulo Brazil Temple (1978), the Santiago Chile Temple (1983), and the Lima Perú Temple (1986).

The food here is not super gross but it’s not super good either. It is also very carby! Everything has potatoes, noodles and bread with it! We never feel like we are full though! When we go out proselyting this Saturday we are definitely buying some snacks!!! I haven’t gained weight yet thank goodness! We always work out really hard at Physical Activity time so that’s probably why!

We got to go to the temple last week! It is so pretty! It was in Spanish so that was different but it was still really amazing! We got headphone translators for the session but to go through we had to speak in Spanish.

I really love it here so much! I wish I had more time to write more! I will try to write some letters today… I just need to wait to get stamps lol. I miss being able to tell you every detail of my day! We have so many funny moments I wish I could just come into your room, sit on the chair with my feet up on your bed and tell you guys about my day like I used to when I would get home from work! But I am keeping a journal so I try to capture the smaller details in there!

District Nefí

District Nefí

I love being a missionary and I am so thankful I am here! Tell everyone that I love them and that letters are much appreciated!!! And tell my friends if they email me I can print it out and write them back but I just don’t have enough time to email them!

I love you guys so so much!!!

Love, Hermana Toone

P.s. Thanks for all you have been doing for me! I love you!

P.s.s. can you please update my blog? I attached pictures, let me know if you get them!


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