Chow de Talentos!…Playing Guitar

This week has been crazybusy! We have been working with the elders in our ward to prepare for the Show de Talentos or as Elder Villar says “Chow” (he is from Chile and they replace all sh for ch, like “oh my goch” anyways, we tease him about it all the time.) But so we did a talent show with the ward and it actually turned out super fun! We did a skit with the elders and sang 3 songs about a young boy saving for his mission, deciding to leave his girlfriend to go on a mission and then the elder getting “dear johned”(Qeurido Juan). It was all pretty funny. Afterwards the elders practically forced me to play the guitar and sing a song so I sang “The Only Exception” by Paramore because it was the only song that I could remember all the chords and lyrics to. I really should have practiced more before I left… I think it turned out alright though haha. After a bunch of other people in the branch sang songs and played things and the primary even did a rendition of “El Pollito Pio”(a viral youtube video in South America…look it up) and our branch president surprised us all in the end by coming out and playing the accordion! I have never known anyone that could play the accordion before, it was awesome! It was really fun to be able to do something different for a change!
Hermana Fullmer and I have been getting along really well. We found out everyday more ways that we are connected or things we have in common its funny. We are also working hard with the members and having family home evenings with them so hopefully we can see some changes soon! The zone leaders just had a big conference with President Smith and they said it was the most incredible thing and that we are going to see tons of changes real soon. (We’re going to be using facebook and have iPads pretty soon!) We have zone conference with President next week so I’m excited to see what changes are going to take place!
Well I hope everyone is doing great! Keep me updated on everything! I love you guys!!
Hermana Toone

¡Hola mis personas favoritas!
How is Utah? Is it hotter than fetch? Well Uruguay is good but its cold! I think today is the coldest it has been for me yet… It’s freezing! The humidity makes it way colder too. But I got a new comp last week and she is really great! Her name is Hermana Fullmer and she is from Riverton, UT. We actually have a TON in common and we can’t ever stop talking, it’s great! She is a little more strict on the rules than my last comp was, but its a good thing. She makes me say more in lessons and contacts but its good because I am getting better. I even do contacts all alone! I’ve realized I’m a lot happier when I am working hard. Even a member yesterday told me she hopes I don’t lose my “new face” because I’m more happy and animated haha. I’m happy to be here right now. Of course I always still want to go home and be lazy and watch good movies and what not but I’m also happy for the work I am doing here and the good experiences I am having.
Chau! Un besito!
Love, HermanaIMG_1224


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