August 6th 2013

Well this week has been pretty tough, like no one wants to listen to us or anything but we’re still trying! This week we have zone conference and we get to hear from our awesome president so I am pumped! This man is seriously like a Jeffrey R Holland or some thing he is awesome! So he will hopefully help motivate us! Already we have seen so many changes in the mission here. Like we work with the spirit in the lessons so much more and we have a new rule that we can’t have lessons longer than 30 min! It’s hard but its great because the people feel the spirit so strong and then we leave immediately after so the spirit immediatly leaves and they can not the difference instead of just letting it dwindle away. We are also going to get iPads soon! Its going to be sweet! We also have to call our branch president or bishop every night so that will be interesting… haha. I love the mission though. It’s super hard sometimes but I know I am here for a purpose!!! We did find a really wonderful young guy that doesn’t have a belief in God and at first the lesson was rough but the spirit was so strong and in the end he said “science can explain all but a fraction of a second of when the world was created and maybe you guys have the answer.” So we are excited to work with him more. I know he will be baptized one day.
Sorry I don’t have a lot of time! Here is a pic of me with some cheddar cheese we bought!!! (Cheddar is so hard to find out here!) and also one of me and my comp. I love you mom! IMG_1290 IMG_1295
Love you!!
con cariño,
Hermana Toone


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