July 29th, 2013

I’m going to be a dad! Hahahaha missionary lingo is ridiculous… SO Changes are this week and I’m getting a new comp and Hna Zabala is going to a different area and she is going to be training another new missionary. So she is going to have another “daughter” and since I am here comp right now I am both her “daughter” and also the “father” of her new comp haha. The mission family tree is interesting….
So anyways, I am getting a new comp! President Smith personally called a few missionaries to tell them their changes and we were one of those lucky few. Pres told hna Zabala her change and then he asked to talk to me and he told me that him and his wife were super impressed with me when they met me and that they really felt the spirit while they were talking to me. Pres Smith said that my new comp and I are going to really change Nueva Helvecia and we’re going to work hard with the members. and then after one of the AP’s, Elder Brown, wanted to talk to me too and he said the same things that I am a great missionary and that we’re going to change the area and see lots of success! So all that was super nice to hear! I am super pumped to work hard!!  Oh haha so my new comp is Hermana Fullmer, not the same one I had in the ccm but a different Hermana Fullmer, she is older and will finish her mission in 2 changes. I’m excited though! It will be fun to have a gringa comp but hopefully I don’t lose my Spanish!
This week has been pretty good. I had a feeling last week that we should go and visit this old guy, Ramòn, that we dropped because he wasn’t progressing so we went and saw him on Wednesday and he nearly cried he was so happy to see us. We were able to have a lesson with him and he told us that he had bought a bag of cookies for us 3 weeks ago but we never visited him so he still had them and he gave them to us. We felt so bad but I am so glad that I listened to the impression that I had and I know that he is going to be a member of this church very soon! We also have been teaching some families!! There is nothing better than finding good families to teach! One of these families has six kids and they live in a super tiny, super messy house but they are very humble and open to the gospel. I really hope to see some progress with them.
Well on Sunday I completed 4 months in the mission! It is so crazy how fast time flies by! I can’t believe I’m done training and I’m a normal missionary now! No more excuses haha.
Well I love you guys so much and I hope all is well!!
Love, Hermana Toone
P.S. It was pouring rain all last week and all the members were upset that we were having to work in the rain but we explained to them that saving peoples souls is more important than a little rain haha. here’s a pic of us in the rain!In the rain


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