June 24, 2013

Hello Everybody!
Well nothing too crazy or exciting is happening here but it is super super cold! I never thought Uruguay would be this cold! The humidity makes it so cold. We have gotten a little lazy because it is so hard to work but we’re getting back on track this week! Every morning we study in our sleeping bags and we can see our breath when we talk, that’s how cold it is! We have a little electric heater but we can’t use it for longer than 45 minutes because we can’t use too much electricity  we have a fireplace but we aren’t allowed to use that either because it is dangerous our something…but we’re figuring out how to survive. We often think about the pioneers and how much they suffered and that helps us put things in perspective haha
We had our last interviews wih Pte Heaton this week. They leave at the end of this month and Pte Smith and his wife will take charge. I’m sad that I didn’t get to know the Heaton’s that well, they are really so awesome! But maybe I’ll get to see them at a mission reunion someday…
So something I have learned this week is that as a missionary, and as a Mormon, everyone watches what you do. One of our new investigators asked if we were going to go to El Pedro, a supermercado near our house, because we go there often and she always sees us walking out of there lol. Another lady said that she always sees us on the bus drinking Fagar (by the way, Fagar is probably the best drink in the world. Its and apple flavored soda that tastes a little bit like heaven….) We have also gotten a little famous here among the jovens (teenagers). Every night they park their motorcycles and scooters along the main street and sit in groups and drink mate. Every time we walk by they always yell out crazy things like “Las Mormojas!” (moja in spanish is nun… we are known as the Mormon nuns hahaha) and they all know I am from Los Estados Unidos and so they will yell out random things that they know in English, which isn’t a lot… Esta poco chistoso…
So last night we got to see a special broadcast “The Work of Salvation” did you get to watch it? It was all about missionary work and it was really great but surprisingly it was more for the members than for the missionaries. They really bajò la caña en los miembros! They said missionaries aren’t there to work, they are there to HELP the members work. They used the age-old saying “Every member a missionary.” So I got to ask you guys, what are you doing to help in missionary work? Are you being good representatives of the church? Are you sticking to your values and standing up for your beliefs? Are you looking for people to share the gospel with? I sure hope so.  Missionary work is seriously impossible without the help of members!
Well I hope everyone is doing great! I miss you all so much! Let me know how everything is!
Love, Hermana TooneP.S. the pic is me and my comp freezing to death and studying haha

Companion Study IMG_0925


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